Contoh Soal UAS dan PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12

Contoh Soal UAS dan PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 – Hallo kids, tak terasa kalian sudah berada di penghujung semester pertama di kelas 12 ini. Tentunya kalian akan segera menghadapi PAS atau ujian semester akhir sehingga kalian harus mempersiapkan diri dengan baik.

Hal pertama yang harus dilakukan mempersiapkan fisik dengan menjaga kesehatan karena kalau tubuh sehat akan siap mengerjakan soal-soal nantinya kalau sakit yang ada membaca soal saja sudah tidak bisa berkonsentrasi.

Selanjutnya kalian harus kembali mengulang untuk mempelajari materi-materi yang sudah dipelajari sepanjang semester 1 ini. Selain itu kalian harus banyak berlatih mengerjakan soal yang diprediksikan akan keluar di ulangan nanti yang terakhir tentunya jangan lupa berdoa. Untuk latihan berikut kami sajikan contoh soal beserta jawabannya hanya untuk kalian.

contoh soal bahasa inggris kelas 12 beserta jawabannya

Contoh Soal UAS dan PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 Semester 1

A. Pilihan Ganda

1. Receptionist : Family restaurant, can I help you?

Dewangga : Yes please, … for next Saturday night.

Receptionist : I’m afraid we can’t. We’re fully booked this month.

A. I really need your help
B. I want to book a ticket
C. I need to reserve a room
D. I’d like to reserve two tables
E. I’d like to cancel my reservation

2. Blaire: Would you like to join us for dinner?

Lika : I’m sorry I have to go now. I wish…

A. I cannot have dinner here
B. I could stay longer
C. You tell me first
D. I couldn’t stay
E. I can cook

3. The student … I teach is Rubby.

A. What
B. Who
C. Whom
D. Which
E. Whose

4. Do you bring the novel … I gave it to you yesterday?

A. That
B. When
C. Where
D. How
E. Which

5. Sandy: The box you brpught look very heavy. …………………

Nindi : Sure, it’s very kind of you. Thank you.

The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is…

A. Would you like me to bring it for my self?
B. Could you bring it for me?
C. Would you like to help me?
D. Would you love to help us?
E. Would you like to me to help you?

6. Ridwan: Have you finished writing your final paper?

Ajun : Not quite

From the dialogue, we may conclue that the paper…

A. Is ready to be submitted
B. Is rejected to be published
C. Is rejected by the examiners
D. Still needs revising
E. Is to be presented in a seminar

7. He could not finish his study in seven years, …, he would have been entitled to a scholarship

A. However
B. Moreover
C. Otherwise
D. Consequently
E. Nevertheless

8. In spite of the many vacancies in a neighboring factory, the unemployed in my village can’t get work because…

A. They have jobs
B. They are unfamiliar
C. They need money
D. They work part time
E. They are unskilled

9. A: What is he worrying about this time?

B : .. from her daughter after the plane crash

A. Not to hear
B. Having heard
C. She hasn’t heard
D. Having to heard
E. Not having heard

10. As the road to Puncak had become very slippery, I told the bus driver…

A. Do not speed
B. Not speeding
C. Not to speed
D. He does not speed
E. Let us not speed

11. When Jessica, a Netherlands student, was asked … of the museum, she quickly replied that it had taught her a great deal about the history of Kraton Surakarta.

A. What did she think
B. About thinking
C. What she did think
D. What she thought
E. If she was thinking

Scientists believe that the earth’s original atmosphere probably consisted of ammonia and methane. Perhaps 20 million years ago the atmosphere evolved it something resembling the modern composition of 78 percent nitrogen, 20 percent oxygen, and a variety of other gases. One factor that was instrument in causing the change in the atmosphere was the evolution of plant life; oxygen is part of the modern day atmosphere because of plant life and the process of photosynthesis that goes along with it.

12. The topic of the passage is…

A. The change in the atmosphere
B. The earth’s origin atmosphere
C. The static atmosphere
D. The process of photosynthesis
E. The evolution of plant life

13. Changes in the earth’s atmosphere took place because of the following except…

A. The changing composition of gases
B. The development of plant life
C. The process of photosynthesis
D. The earth’s origin atmosphere
E. The evolution of the ecosystem

14. Andrew: I wish someone answered my call. It’s been ringing for about ten minutes.

The sentence ‘I wish someone answered my call’ means…

A. I would answer the phone
B. Someone will answer the phone
C. Someone had answere my call
D. The phone atopped ringing
E. Nobody answers the phone

15. Anna: The room is so hot. I’m seating terribly.

Arra : Let me open the windows and the door.

Anna : … I will just turn on the AC.

Arra : Okay, then.

A. That would be great. Thanks.
B. No, thanks. I’m just looking.
C. Sure, I’m glad you do that.
D. Yes, please.
E. Thanks, I’ve got it.

Kunci Jawaban

1. D. I’d like to reserve two tables
2. B. I could stay longer
3. C. Whom
4. E. Which
5. E. Would you like to me to help you
6. D. Still needs revising
7. C. Otherwise
8. E. They are unskilled
9. E. Not having heard
10. C. Not to speed
11. D. What she thought
12. B. The earth’s origin atmosphere
13. D. The earth’s origin atmosphere
14. E. Nobody answer the phone
15. E. Thanks, I’ve got it.

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Baiklah students, selamat mengerjakan contoh soal UAS dan PAS Bahasa Inggris kelas 12 Semester 1 yang berhasil kami sajikan. Semoga informasi ini bermanfaat bagi kalian. Semoga informasi ini bermanfaat bagi kalian semua adik-adik. Terimakasih banyak sudah menjadikan web kami sebagai referensi belajar kalaian dan sampai jumpa di artikel lainnya. Semoga sukses selalu untuk kalian.

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